All products sold on are manufacturer and manufacturer manufacturer components. acts in the Returns Consumer Protection Act. They are the owners who can return the purchased items within 7 days.

They will be purchased from purchase items in items purchased for purchase. If anything is missing, the product cannot be accepted.

form invoice, return package of the returned 7-day package, together with the standard required for the packaging must be submitted for delivery. However, the product and usability of cannot be completed. The product is valid as the first product eligible for products considered within the scope of general returns before purchase.
Please send the products you want to return with an attachment stating your return request and your invoice for the relevant statistical study.
It must be submitted with your return request to be redesigned to be targeted for return. The return invoice must be issued without charge (in the form of product price + VAT). Invoice payment arrangement refunds will not be completed without a return invoice issued.
If there is any deterioration, breakage, unreadable, unusable or unusable product and package, the product is not received and the price is not refunded in cases where the weather is perceived as variable and cannot be delivered to the customer with the delivery.
For return training, you must contact the contact section or mail
can be designed in accordance with coprofessional receiving conditions. The reflection time of the return is at the discretion of your bank. Refunds made to credit cards are reflected in the account within 1 3 weeks at the latest, and payments made by wire transfer within 1 week at the latest.
Goals for the orientation of cosmetics. Buyers are not satisfied with what is bought and used from Return requests are not accepted for products that cannot be resold and arising from these customer dissatisfaction.
In all shopping created at, the targeted target regarding the product on earth must be stopped. In the applications made with this report, the grievance goes away quickly. It is designed to be explained to our return and exchange programs, all of our members who want to place an order are going to this preparation stage.